Cricket Hill News

Thanks to Mike and the rest of the crew at Brewster River Mountain Bike Club for organizing last week’s trail day at Cricket Hill. We had a decent crew turn out and, within a few hours, we had blazed out a new loop at the top of the yellow trail climb! While benching out a section of the trail I almost decapitated a toad with my Rogue hoe. The little dude was spared, so we decided to name the new trail, “Lucky Toad.” Speaking of which, we are working with Vin Faraci (Whiteroom Skis) to create trail signs with burned wood. Can’t wait to see how they come out and also to finally have trail names to refer to. Some of the trails we’ve named include, Bermie Sanders, Meagan’s Trail, Lucky Toad, Up & Out, & Pine Loop (Fluffy Bunny).

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