Signs Are In!

We are so excited that we finally have some trail signs at Cricket Hill, thanks to Vin at White Room Custom Skis! The signs installed so far are for Bermie Sanders, Fluffly Bunny, Toads Trail and Meagan’s Trail. Toads Trail is a new loop that was created with the assistance of some folks from Brewster River MTB Club. It is located right at the top of the climb up Bermie Sanders and currently just loops you right back to Bermie after a fun, slightly tech diversion. I almost hacked a toad in half with a rogue hoe when building this trail. Long story short…toad was spared. Fluffy Bunny is the beginner loop that is great for the first-timers and Meagan’s Trail connects Cricket Hill to Lamoille High School. Look for a trail map to be posted on the kiosk soon and more and more greatness to come!

Happy Riding!!

Fluffy Bunny is a great beginner single track loop
Our friend, Meagan raked out some of the first MTB trails here at Cricket Hill.
The kiosk got a recent rehab thanks to our friends at Brewster River MTB Club. Maps coming soon!
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