New Blood

Since Vermont Mountain Bike Camps started several years ago in my driveway (originally as Cadys Falls Mountain Bike Camps,) we’ve spread the mountain bike stoke to quite a few young riders and we’ve had some great coaching help along the way.

Last year, we rolled out our advanced program and it was a huge success. This year we’ve added a second advanced week and we’re excited to add Emmett Avery to our advanced program coaching staff!

The first bike Emmett bought was five dollars at a yard sale. For the next several years, Emmett and his friends submitted the Five Dollar Bike to all manner of unspeakable abuse — down roads unmanned and off new jumps to test the arc.
Today, Emmett mostly stays on his bike, though there is still no guarantee where jumps are concerned. He has competed extensively on the local enduro race circuit, both in junior and pro. He has also had the good fortune to race Enduro World Series rounds in Whistler, British Columbia, and Finale, Italy. Now he is excited to get humbled by the next generation at Vermont Mountain Bike Camps and maybe communicate some wisdom, skill, or at least stoke, along the way.

Advanced Program info for 2020 can be found HERE

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